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The Devils Dozen Challenge

Do you have what it takes to defeat the Devils Dozen? This challenge is not for the faint of heart but for those brave souls with taste buds of steel which can handle a level of fiery heat only the Devil himself could love. If you think you’re one of them, know that this is no easy conquest. Many have tried, and only a few have lived to tell the story of how they made it onto our Hall of Flame. 

Twelve wings in eight minutes might seem like a walk in the park for all our spice enthusiasts out there, but when coated in our hell-worthy wing sauce, it’s more like a trip to the underworld. However, if you’re up for the challenge, we’d love to see you try. The Devils Dozen is available at all five of our Sliders locations, so summon your inner demons and prepare for a mouth-watering, sweat-inducing wing-eating challenge!

Sliders Devils Dozen Wing Challenge

Hall of Flame Inductees

Name of InducteeLocationInduction Date
AJ Daluz Southington03/01/2024
Timothy Smith Berlin10/02/2023
Chuck Poleschuk Plainville09/06/2023
Jeremiah Regimbald Plainville09/03/2023
Michael Burnell Southington05/01/2023
Astrameria Knight Plainville03/15/2023
Michael Burnell Wallingford07/01/2021
Ian Warner-O’Connor Middletown10/18/2022
Mike Greaven Plainville08/23/2022
Jack Lutkus Southington07/06/2022
Damien Graichen Middletown05/27/2022
Michael Lowe Berlin05/14/2022
John Sears Berlin04/29/2022
Jeremy Thibodeau Wallingford03/21/2022
William Stevens Wallingford03/21/2022
Jeff Webster Southington03/18/2022
Brian North Southington09/16/2021
William McKinney Wallingford08/28/2021
Anthony Cianciolo Plainville05/09/2021
Anthony Mercolino Plainville04/10/2021
Daniel Amestoy Plainville01/19/2021
Danny Jarrin Southington08/31/2020
Bryan Duffy Torrington10/19/2019
Jeffrey Garofola Middletown12/05/2019
Luis Hernandez Torrington11/10/2019
Joshua Lebrun Plainville09/27/2019
Tim Walker Plainville09/21/2019
Hunter Reese Torrington09/15/2019
Frank Perrelli Plainville09/18/2019
Marc Davis Berlin09/13/2019
Jon Clement Torrington09/08/2019
Jeffrey Fink Middletown09/09/2019
Matthew Romano Plainville08/12/2019
Jake McNeil Plainville08/12/2019
Antonio Duarte Wallingford07/20/2019
Andrew Bilger Berlin07/28/2019
Stanistan Wojtaszek Berlin07/23/2019
Pradeep Shetty Plainville07/10/2019
Damian McLaughlin Southington07/05/2019
Tom Maino Southington07/12/2019
Craig Spoto Middletown06/30/2019
Ian Schwalenberg Berlin07/02/2019
Bryan Chiarappi Middletown06/23/2019
Joshua “The Nuff” Johnson Middletown06/23/2019
Andrew Ackerman Southington06/21/2019
Dylan LeBlanc Southington06/21/2019
Brian Calhoun Middletown06/16/2019
Jason Rolo Torrington06/03/2019
Casey Bell Middletown06/09/2019
Jacob Rodriguez Wallingford06/01/2019
Anthony Cannavo Torrington05/22/2019
John Fedora Middletown06/02/2019
Charles Pagano Plainville01/26/2019
Brandon Gonzalez Plainville01/26/2019
Brian Ramirez Wallingford05/07/2019
Joshua Potuin Wallingford05/15/2019
Josh List Wallingford05/16/2019
John Willette Wallingford05/17/2019
Pierre LePage Torrington05/15/2019
michal Kasak Plainville05/01/2019
Zack Johnson Middletown04/20/2019
Chris Hurlbert Middletown03/13/2019
Craig Spoto Middletown03/17/2019
Ian Hudsen Plainville03/09/2019
Kevin Tyler-Downing Plainville03/09/2019
John Baldwin Middletown12/14/2018
Matt Persico Southington11/11/2018
Paul D’Erasmo Middletown11/20/2018
Luis Cuadrado Plainville07/19/2018
Kyle Dojnia Southington07/26/2018
Gregory Buonanni Southington06/28/2018
Craig Spoto Wallingford06/24/2018
Stephen Espinal West Hartford04/21/2018
Patrick Farrell West Hartford04/01/2018
Eric Seligmann Middletown02/20/2018
Joey Ramcharan Southington02/16/2018
Artie Oldale Plainville02/03/2018
David Samperi Wallingford02/02/2018
Jiram Lopez Middletown01/13/2018
Brian LeBlanc Plainville01/14/2018
Katherine Morehead Wallingford01/13/2018
David Morehead Wallingford01/13/2018
John Kleckner Wallingford01/13/2018
Dan Procaccini Wallingford01/13/2018
Kenneth Gadwah Plainville12/27/2017
Zechariah Gadwah Plainville12/27/2017
Eric Norton Plainville12/27/2017
Michael Marotta Middletown12/02/2017
Dennis Becker Wallingford12/07/2017
William Barents Wallingford12/07/2017
DJay Medina Southington12/07/2017
Adrien Tucker Wallingford11/30/2017
Marquis Roberson Plainville11/27/2017
Kerri Hagadorn Plainville11/30/2017
Jordan Steller Berlin11/24/2017
Glen Nelson Plainville11/18/2017
Ian Ainsworth Southington11/16/2017
Jeremiah Kirk Berlin11/19/2017

Rules & Regulations

  1. You must sign a waiver to participate.
  2. Dine-in only.
  3. You must be 18 years old.
  4. Participants pay $23.00 entry fee.
  5. You have 8 minutes to eat all 12 wings.
  6. Wings must be eaten individually and all the way to the bone. All meat must be consumed before clock stops.
  7. You cannot leave your seat.
  8. You cannot share.
  9. No wiping sauce off wings.
  10. No napkins allowed.
  11. Only water can be consumed during the challenge.
  12. Cannot dip wings in any additional sauces.
  13. We reserve the right to declare a “forfeit” if we feel your health is in danger.
  14. All contest decisions made by Sliders representatives are final.
  15. Winners will receive Devils Dozen bragging rights, induction into the “Sliders Hall of Flame” located on our website & 500 loyalty points (must have active loyalty account to receive points).

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