The recipe for success isn’t always cut and dry, but hard work, dedication, and a dream to accomplish goals are all great qualities needed to build something special. Fred Marcantonio, the founder of Sliders Grill & Bar, took these principles to heart and began cooking up a plan.  It was simple; Fred loved his family, loved great food, and loved sports. The subsequent dish, Connecticut’s best sports bar as we know it today, Sliders Grill & Bar. 23 years of great customers & employees have contributed to all the following accomplishments:   

Sliders Timeline: CT Sports Bar Locations  

Award Winning Sports Bar In Connecticut  

New England’s rich history of athletics and the overall love for sports that our customers have has allowed us to enjoy decades of success so we owe it to you! What better organization to receive recognition from than Connecticut’s own, ESPN! Ultimately, Sliders Grill & Bar is honored to have been voted by ESPN Magazine as the #5 Best Sports Bar in the Country! 

In addition to our CT sports bar honors, we are grateful to have been awarded prizes for our staple: fresh chicken wings! We have attended and been recognized as a winner at the 2013, 2014 & 2015 National Buffalo Wing Festival! Over the past 23 years, Sliders Grill & Bar of Connecticut has accumulated over 150 title awards for categories such as “Best Wings”, “Best Sports Bar”, “Best Happy Hours” & “Best Nightly Entertainment”! 

Soaring High: Connecticut’s Best Wings 

23 years of wonderful customers and expansion has taught us to always adapt. In effect, we have always done our best to provide our customers with outstanding service and food items they would love. Most recently, we have added new menu items such as cheesy bacon tots and the Texas short rib sandwich. With that said, we never lost sight of our most famous item, our chicken wings! Currently, we are proud to offer over 25 homemade wing sauces that ensure the best wings possible so everyone can enjoy! But hey, don’t take our word for it…here are a few customer survey testimonials that speak to their patronage!  

Jim L. of Plantsville, CT (Customer 23 years!)  

When asked, “What are your favorite staple menus items and why?”  he replied…. 

“Teriyaki Wings, Buffalo Blue Cheese Wings & Potato Skins…they never disappoint and they always fill the VOID!  I look forward to the good food, cold beers, and attentive bartenders.  I’ve always been taken care of!” 


Dave and Sammy A. of Burlington, CT (Customers 23 years!)

When asked, “What do you look forward to when you visit Sliders CT sports bars?”  they replied… 

“The staff & managers!  We also love the garlic parmesan boneless wings because they are REAL TENDER chicken with great taste!” 


Joanne D. of New Britain, CT (Customer 17+ years) 

When asked, “What are a few of your favorite things about Sliders?”  she replied… 

“Food, friends and great service!  I enjoy the burgers and wings.  They never disappoint and are always good!” 


The Greatest Athletes to Wear Number 23 

So, with 23 years of being one of Connecticut’s best sports bars, we thought why not pay homage to some of the best athletes to wear the number 23. 

In Major League Baseball, some of the best to don 23 include Ryne Sandberg, Don Mattingly, Kirk Gibson and Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer, Luis Tiant. These guys combined for 759 home runs & 3 regular season MVP awards among many All-Star appearances and a couple World Series victories. 

For the National Football League, some of the best to wear the number 23 include Guy Chamberlain who won four NFL championships as a player-coach in the 1920’s. A few decades later, the Patriots own Ron Hall wore the number 23 proudly in the 1960’s. Other worthy mentions include the Eagles’ Hall of Famer, Troy Vincent and the “NFL 1990s All-Decade Team” member, Mel Gray. 

The National Hockey League has also seen some great number 23’s which include Bob Nystrom, Brian Bellows, and Bob Gainey. This trio combines for 8 Stanley Cup championships with Bob Gainey being a NHL Hall of Famer. 

The NBA is probably most well-known for its 23’s. This list should certainly include Boston Celtics’ own and Hall of Famer, Frank Ramsey. This list should also certainly include the shortest Hall of Famer, Calvin Murphy who stands at just 5 feet 9 inches. Finally, possibly the greatest athletes to ever wear the number 23 are LeBron James and Michael Jordan. These final two names currently combine for 9 NBA Championships, 9 regular season MVP awards, and just under 60,000 points! 

*Honorable Mention – David Beckham 


Cheers to Another 23 Years  

We are honored and so happy to be one of CT’s best sports bar for so many great customers and we look forward to many more years with you. In the end, although he did not wear the number 23, we keep Ted Williams’ outlook true and so should you if you strive towards a path of success…“A man has to have goals — for a day, for a lifetime..” 

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