Super Bowl With Sliders Grill & Bar CT

The finale of all finales…the Super Bowl. For all the food and sports enthusiasts (and commercial lovers), there is simply no better occasion! 

Whether your team is competing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy or not, the Super Bowl presents an opportunity to be with family & friends and to enjoy some great food and beverages. Well, that’s where Sliders Grill & Bar comes into play. There is no better way to enjoy the Super Bowl than with a whole table’s worth of our famous fresh wings! Stop in to your local Sliders CT sports bar on Super Bowl Sunday or pre-order your wings the week leading up to the Super Bowl (no food can be ordered online on Super Bowl Sunday & there is no take out available that day either). 

A Match Made in Heaven: Wings & Football 

Not many things go together quite as well as wings and football and there is no better occasion to enjoy the two than the Super Bowl! Whether you have your own gameday setup at home or are looking to go out on the town for the Super Bowl, Sliders should be on your mind because we provide the key ingredient for a super evening…the best chicken wings in Connecticut! Our fresh wings are Super Bowl quality every time you visit your local Sliders, so why not enjoy them on the biggest day of all?!  

Sliders Grill & Bar of CT offers award winning chicken wings that are always cooked fresh to order. With bone-in or boneless wings available and a delicious variety of 25+ sauces and rubs, there are wings for every taste bud! 

Every Day is the Super Bowl At Sliders Sports Bar CT 

At Sliders, we treat each and every day like it is the Super Bowl! All five of our CT sports bar locations are perfect for any evening, especially the NFL Super Bowl! 

From our quality service, fresh food, family fun atmosphere, and our vast amount of televisions, Sliders Grill & Bar is the best place to watch the Super Bowl in Connecticut! If you are looking to enjoy the big game with your group of family and friends; our selection of food, beverages and overall environment simply can’t be beat. 

Speaking of food, not only do we have the best wings in CT, Sliders Grill & Bar also overs several other food options for you to enjoy on Super Bowl Sunday! Sliders is a great restaurant in CT to enjoy the Super Bowl because we have other offerings including chicken quesadillas, bases loaded nachos, and buffalo chicken wraps! Last but not least, our beer selection is just about as long as a football field so don’t be shy if you are looking to pair some local CT craft beer with your meal!   

The Strong Survive: Best Place to Watch The Super Bowl in CT 

The NFL season began in September with 32 teams battling to reach the ultimate game, the Super Bowl. As February 5th approaches, only two teams stand above the rest: The Atlanta Falcons representing the NFC and the New England Patriots representing the AFC. Super Bowl LI in Houston, TX will surely be larger than life as both teams feature high-octane offenses while also fielding respectable defenses. 

Although defense has been crucial (especially for the Patriots who allowed the fewest overall points during the regular season), offense has been the driving force for the Falcons and Patriots. It is rare to see, however, each of these final remaining squads have achieved success primarily due to their offensive prowess. During the regular season, the Falcons and Patriots both finished top three in points scored (Falcons were number one and Patriots were number 3). In addition to their scoring feats, the Patriots and Falcons finished first (+11.9) and second (+8.38), respectively, for scoring margins. Neither team has lost a step moving into the post-season as both teams are averaging over 30+ points per game! 

Reaching the pinnacle has certainly been different for each of these franchises. The Patriots will make their ninth Super Bowl appearance and are looking to win their fifth Super Bowl. This will be coach Bill Belichick’s 7th seventh appearance, setting a record for a head coach. 

For the Falcons, this will only be their second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history. They made it to the final game back in 1998 when they lost to John Elway’s powerhouse offense of the Denver Broncos. Fast forward almost 20 years and “The Dirty Birds” are soaring high with Matt Ryan who is having an MVP-like season. 

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching so make your evening even more special by joining us at one of our CT sports bar locations! Remember, no food orders can be made online on Super Bowl Sunday and there is no take out available. We hope you enjoy the game which will surely be a wonderful finale to a great NFL season! 

Sports Bar and Restaurant in Berlin, CT

When it’s time to watch your favorite team on the big screen, you want everything to be perfect. From the beer options to the food selection to the perfect view, it all matters. We feel you. That’s why we created Sliders Bar & Grill—to give you the trifecta of game-viewing details to make every game day epic. Our Berlin, CT restaurant and sports bar takes care of all of the small things so all you have to worry about is showing up. 

Excite-Your-Senses Atmosphere 

One look around the best restaurant in Berlin, CT, and it will be clear that you made the right choice for where to watch the game. From the lively crowd at the bar cheering on opposing teams to the family sitting by the window, equally excited about the game, our sports bar caters to all audiences, providing you with first-class service for your entire visit.  

Wall-to-Wall Televisions 

At our sports bar in Berlin, CT, we don’t think you should have to fight for the best view in the house. That’s why we have taken great care to make sure that every seat in our restaurant can see a television with ease. And we don’t just have your ordinary TVs; we have big-screen, high-definition televisions that will make the entire experience immersive. No matter what your sport of choice is—from NBA games to NFL games to soccer, golf, hockey, and more—we will have what you want to watch available. 

Made-to-Order Food 

Now for the main reason you come to a Berlin, CT restaurant: the food. And yes, we do have some amazing food. We are renowned for having the best wings in CT, but we also have the best burgers, salads, sandwiches, and appetizers. Best of all, everything on our menu is made just for you, so you know it is going to be fresh and delicious. Now matter how picky you or your family is, we are sure to have something that will tantalize their taste buds. 

Soothe-Your-Palate Beers 

To finish off your delectable meal, our Berlin, CT sports bar features your beloved domestics and imports, as well as some local craft beers from our favorite breweries. In addition to our current lineup of 20 draught beers, 24 bottled beers, and 2 canned beers, our Berlin, CT sports bar also offers cocktails and wine for your enjoyment.  

When it’s time for your favorite team to hit the big screen, make sure you have every detail perfect and come to Sliders Grill & Bar in Berlin, CT. Our staff is ready to meet your every request as you take in all of the action. 

Sliders Grill & Bar: Celebrating 23 Years as CT Sports Bar

The recipe for success isn’t always cut and dry, but hard work, dedication, and a dream to accomplish goals are all great qualities needed to build something special. Fred Marcantonio, the founder of Sliders Grill & Bar, took these principles to heart and began cooking up a plan.  It was simple; Fred loved his family, loved great food, and loved sports. The subsequent dish, Connecticut’s best sports bar as we know it today, Sliders Grill & Bar. 23 years of great customers & employees have contributed to all the following accomplishments:   

Sliders Timeline: CT Sports Bar Locations  

  • Plainville Sports Bar:  Original Connecticut Sports Bar Location 1993 
  • Berlin Sports Bar:  Established 1999 
  • Southington Sports Bar:  Established 2008 
  • Wallingford Sports Bar:  Established 2010 
  • West Hartford Sports Bar:  Established 2012  

Award Winning Sports Bar In Connecticut  

New England’s rich history of athletics and the overall love for sports that our customers have has allowed us to enjoy decades of success so we owe it to you! What better organization to receive recognition from than Connecticut’s own, ESPN! Ultimately, Sliders Grill & Bar is honored to have been voted by ESPN Magazine as the #5 Best Sports Bar in the Country! 

In addition to our CT sports bar honors, we are grateful to have been awarded prizes for our staple: fresh chicken wings! We have attended and been recognized as a winner at the 2013, 2014 & 2015 National Buffalo Wing Festival! Over the past 23 years, Sliders Grill & Bar of Connecticut has accumulated over 150 title awards for categories such as “Best Wings”, “Best Sports Bar”, “Best Happy Hours” & “Best Nightly Entertainment”! 

Soaring High: Connecticut’s Best Wings 

23 years of wonderful customers and expansion has taught us to always adapt. In effect, we have always done our best to provide our customers with outstanding service and food items they would love. Most recently, we have added new menu items such as cheesy bacon tots and the Texas short rib sandwich. With that said, we never lost sight of our most famous item, our chicken wings! Currently, we are proud to offer over 25 homemade wing sauces that ensure the best wings possible so everyone can enjoy! But hey, don’t take our word for it…here are a few customer survey testimonials that speak to their patronage!  

Jim L. of Plantsville, CT (Customer 23 years!)  

When asked, “What are your favorite staple menus items and why?”  he replied…. 

“Teriyaki Wings, Buffalo Blue Cheese Wings & Potato Skins…they never disappoint and they always fill the VOID!  I look forward to the good food, cold beers, and attentive bartenders.  I’ve always been taken care of!” 


Dave and Sammy A. of Burlington, CT (Customers 23 years!)

When asked, “What do you look forward to when you visit Sliders CT sports bars?”  they replied… 

“The staff & managers!  We also love the garlic parmesan boneless wings because they are REAL TENDER chicken with great taste!” 


Joanne D. of New Britain, CT (Customer 17+ years) 

When asked, “What are a few of your favorite things about Sliders?”  she replied… 

“Food, friends and great service!  I enjoy the burgers and wings.  They never disappoint and are always good!” 


The Greatest Athletes to Wear Number 23 

So, with 23 years of being one of Connecticut’s best sports bars, we thought why not pay homage to some of the best athletes to wear the number 23. 

In Major League Baseball, some of the best to don 23 include Ryne Sandberg, Don Mattingly, Kirk Gibson and Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer, Luis Tiant. These guys combined for 759 home runs & 3 regular season MVP awards among many All-Star appearances and a couple World Series victories. 

For the National Football League, some of the best to wear the number 23 include Guy Chamberlain who won four NFL championships as a player-coach in the 1920’s. A few decades later, the Patriots own Ron Hall wore the number 23 proudly in the 1960’s. Other worthy mentions include the Eagles’ Hall of Famer, Troy Vincent and the “NFL 1990s All-Decade Team” member, Mel Gray. 

The National Hockey League has also seen some great number 23’s which include Bob Nystrom, Brian Bellows, and Bob Gainey. This trio combines for 8 Stanley Cup championships with Bob Gainey being a NHL Hall of Famer. 

The NBA is probably most well-known for its 23’s. This list should certainly include Boston Celtics’ own and Hall of Famer, Frank Ramsey. This list should also certainly include the shortest Hall of Famer, Calvin Murphy who stands at just 5 feet 9 inches. Finally, possibly the greatest athletes to ever wear the number 23 are LeBron James and Michael Jordan. These final two names currently combine for 9 NBA Championships, 9 regular season MVP awards, and just under 60,000 points! 

*Honorable Mention – David Beckham 


Cheers to Another 23 Years  

We are honored and so happy to be one of CT’s best sports bar for so many great customers and we look forward to many more years with you. In the end, although he did not wear the number 23, we keep Ted Williams’ outlook true and so should you if you strive towards a path of success…“A man has to have goals — for a day, for a lifetime..” 

Watch Basketball and Hockey at Sliders Sports Bar in CT

Whether you live for the fast action of a Rangers or Bruins game or you count down the days until the Knicks or Celtics hit the court, when you want to watch your favorite team in action, Sliders provides a sporting atmosphere and game-worthy eats and drinks. We are diehard NBA and NHL fans ourselves, and we know exactly what you want when you come in to watch hockey or basketball.

The Dream Atmosphere for an NBA or NHL Fan

At our Connecticut sports bars, we provide the perfect environment to enjoy the game. Whether you prefer to watch basketball or hockey, you will love being able to soak in every play on our big screens. There is no shortage of televisions, so you have a clear view of the game on multiple big-screen, high-definition televisions. At Sliders, there is no such thing as a bad seat, and you can expect surround sound for big events.

NBA League Pass and the NHL Network On Demand

As a fan, you don’t want to miss one game, but that is not always possible with traditional cable TV. We feel your pain, which is why we subscribe to the NBA League Pass. We also show the NHL Network, so you can watch the action with your friends in tow.

Incredible Food and Refreshing Beverages

You can’t watch hockey or basketball without food—it’s part of the fun! And if you want food that will tantalize your taste buds as you savor every play of the game, then Sliders sports bar in CT absolutely delivers. From our award-winning buffalo wings that come in 25 flavors to our Angus burgers, grubbin’ appetizers, and hearty salads, there is something for everyone at Sliders. Yes, we even have a kids’ menu, so don’t hesitate to bring the whole family along. To wash down your meal, we also offer some of the best craft beer in CT.

Five CT Sports Bar Locations

Whether it’s the NHL or NBA that gets you pumped up and ready for some action, Sliders is committed to providing you with an epic game-day experience. And since we have five sports bars throughout Connecticut, there may be one right around the corner. So the next time you want to watch basketball or hockey, head on down to Sliders. Our abundance of big-screen TVs partnered with our mouthwatering eats and drinks create the ultimate game-watching scenario.

Catch the World Series at Sliders Grill & Bar

The baseball season is a long and challenging journey filled with day by day pitch counts, week by week rotations, and month by month series across the country. Each year can be a daunting task but what happens when a one season journey continues to grow into decades of unfulfilling efforts and championship-less finishes? Well, that’s where the loyal fans & organizations of the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians come into play, and that’s exactly what they are about to do, play for the 2016 World Series. Watch the World Series at your local Sliders Grill & Bar & enjoy some fresh chicken wings & craft beer during this historic match-up!

Baseball & Sliders By The Numbers

This time of year is always fun, especially when you’re a sports bar in CT whose namesake is based on America’s pastime. Although the Red Sox or other tri-state area teams did not make it to the World Series, this year’s match-up is quite special.

The two MLB teams that have been waiting the longest to win a World Series have somehow met in this year’s Fall Classic. The Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians have waited a combined 174 years for a World Series title & we get to see one of them end their drought! Don’t worry though, you won’t experience any shortage of beer with us as we offer dozens of drafts, bottles, and cans at each of our CT sports bar locations!

With five Sliders sport bars throughout the state of Connecticut, you’ll never have to worry about missing the crack of the bats. When it’s time for the first pitch, one of our CT sports bars is right around the corner with ample space & TV’s for you to enjoy all the action.

Although getting to your nearest Sliders Grill & Bar will take no time at all, the Cubs’ last World Series win was in 1908! Back then, it is thought that sliced bread & chicken wings were not even invented yet! Well, at Sliders Grill & Bar in CT, we know a little bit about burgers, sandwiches, and certainly fresh wings! Check out our new menus for some tasty options & be sure to consider our 25+ wing varieties that will certainly bring some heat!

Our CT Sports Bars Won’t Have You Leaving Hungry

It’s safe to say that the fans of Chicago & Cleveland are hungry; starving for a championship. Regardless of your fandom, if you join us at one of our Connecticut sports bars, you’ll be able to enjoy our vast menu of food options & drinks that won’t have you leaving hungry. History will be made so get to your local Sliders with family & friends for the final series of this year’s MLB journey.

Why Sliders Is the Place to Watch College Football and NFL Games

You have been waiting all year for football season and it has finally arrived. Now you just need somewhere to watch all the games. Look no further. From your favorite college games to all of the NFL games (thanks to NFL Sunday Ticket), Sliders CT sports bars are the place to be when it comes to game time.

Awesome Atmosphere

When you set out to watch college football or an NFL game, you want to be surrounded by like-minded people. You want to feel the invigorating vibe in the room that just adds to your excitement and makes the game that much more thrilling. Even some friendly rivalry can enhance your viewing experience. At Sliders sports bars in Connecticut, we attract the biggest football fans in the state and our CT sports bar staff will help make sure that you have a full glass and a full stomach for the duration of the game.

NFL Sunday Ticket and College Games Galore

If you are the fan of a college or NFL team that is not local, then it is downright impossible for you to view the games at home—they just don’t air. But at our Connecticut sports bars, you can find any game you want. With our NFL Sunday Ticket and ESPN College Gameday subscriptions, we have access to all of your favorite teams. Heck, even if they do air the game you want at home, our wall-to-wall, high-definition big screens and movie-theater-quality surround sound gives you an immersive viewing experience that can’t be beat. If you are a true football fan, there is nowhere better to watch college football or NFL games than at our sports bars in Connecticut.

Delicious Food and Drinks

There is something about watching football, eating grubbin’ food, and drinking delicious beer. They were meant to go together, and at our Connecticut sports bar, we do it right. Our menu features everything from award-winning wings (in 25 varieties!) to chips and salsa to mouth-watering burgers and diet-friendly-but-still-tasty salads. Besides our everyday amazing food, each Sunday during NFL games we also have draft beer specials as well as a wing & pitcher combo special! To keep you satiated throughout the entire game, our CT bars also feature the best local craft beers in town. So show up to watch college football or an NFL game hungry and you will not be disappointed.

Five Connecticut Sports Bar Locations

When it’s time for the big game, you always have one of our CT sports bars right around the corner. With five Sliders locations throughout the state, you never have to travel far to get the best football viewing experience anywhere in town. Just show up early so you can get the best seat in the house for the game.

3 Reasons to Watch the Olympics at Sliders

If you are a sports fan and a food fan, then you are undoubtedly a Sliders fan. We are known throughout Connecticut as the family-friendly live sports bar to go to for any sporting event—and what bigger sporting event is there than the Olympics? The world’s greatest athletes are in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil competing in the ultimate battle, and we are here to give you the best seat in the house to watch the magic unfold. Here are just three of the many reasons why Sliders is the best live sports bar to watch the 2016 Rio Olympics in Berlin, Plainville, Southington, Wallingford, and West Hartford:

Incredible Televisions

When Fred Marcantonio created Sliders, he dreamed of a live sports bar that showed the best sporting events on the most incredible televisions. When you enter one of our Sliders locations in Connecticut, it will be immediately clear that he has achieved this dream. The entire restaurant is plastered with first-rate televisions of varying sizes, and every seat in the house has an excellent view. For the main Olympic events, we will even turn on our surround sound so you can have a true movie-theater experience.

The Best Wings in CT

Yes, big-screen, high-definition televisions are certainly a selling point, but the real reason to watch the 2016 Rio Olympics at Sliders live sports bar is because of our delectable food. More specifically, our wings, that some would hail as the best chicken wings in CT. So what makes our wings so special?

There are no steam tables in our kitchen, we never use frozen chicken (gross!), and our wing sauces are literally award winning. We have 25 different wing sauces to tantalize your taste buds, including maple bacon barbecue, garlic parmesan, flamin’ raspberry, and buffalo medium. Try them all or just stick with your favorite; the choice is yours. You can also choose from traditional bone-in wings or boneless ones, both served with our signature bleu cheese sauce and crispy celery sticks. Is your mouth watering yet?

Convenient Sliders Locations

Whether you have been waiting for your favorite event for days, or it suddenly pops on TV and you want to watch it on our big screens, there is always a Sliders right around the corner. We now have five Sliders locations for you to get the best wings in CT while you watch the Olympics. You can find our family-friendly live sports bar in Berlin, Plainville, Southington, Wallingford, and West Hartford.

Gather your family and friends and head on down to our live sports bar to make the Olympics a truly memorable experience. With our exceptional viewing options, mouth-watering food, and unparalleled customer service, you know it’s going to be fantastic.

Recipes That Compliment Our Sliders Sauce

Our jar sauce is pretty famous. In addition to enjoying it at our restaurant on boneless and traditional chicken wings, you can take it home to use on your own delectable recipes.

While we appreciate the passion and love our Sliders sauce recipes, we, unfortunately, cannot share the precise measurements of the beloved ingredients that make it so amazing. But we would love to hear how you use our Sliders sauce at home.

Sliders Jar Sauce Recipe

How do you use our Sliders sauce? Do you have a favorite wing recipe that is a perfect partner to our sauce? Does Sliders sauce taste best on a steak sandwich?

Submit your favorite partner recipes for our sliders sauce. Our favorite combinations will be acknowledged on our blog. We can’t wait to hear what recipes you use with our Sliders sauce. Submit your recipes today!

The History of Sliders Grill & Bar

Fred Marcantonio founded Sliders in 1993 with the goal of providing Plainville, Connecticut, with its own sports bar. He dreamed of a place that friends and family could gather to enjoy delicious food while watching live sports on first-rate televisions. Not only is Sliders restaurant the go-to destination for any sports fan, we have also acquired quite the following for our award-winning wings. There are now five Sliders locations in Connecticut, and we continue to rack up the awards:

  • In 2011, Sliders was voted the #5 Best Sports Bar in the entire country by ESPN Magazine.
  • Sliders won the coveted title of Best Wings three years in a row (2015, 2014, and 2013) at the National Buffalo Wing Competition in Buffalo, New York.
  • And many more (we have over 100 title awards to our name, and counting)!

Come in to try our wings, craft beer, or delicious summer sangria’s today!

New Summer Sangrias at Sliders

The bold, sweet flavors of sangria complement the best steaks and grilled meats. You need a cold beverage after a hot day out, and Sliders, out of all of the top restaurants in CT, knows how to deliver. Our sangrias up the wow factor and help you transition into a welcome night out. Sliders provides the best sangrias and two new twists on a 2,000-year-old favorite. You are invited to explore the flavors of our Raspberry Lemon Sangria and our Strawberry Sangria as you take a well-deserved time-out during happy hour. Sangrias have not outlasted the Roman Empire without reason. Sliders’ beloved sangrias get your weekend off on the right foot.

Want a Full-Bodied Refreshing Drink?

We quench Connecticut’s thirst for the best drinks and brews with our seasonal sangria specialties and craft and specialty brews. Sliders’ Raspberry Lemon Sangria brings together two summertime staples, sangria and lemonade, to make for a new must-have beverage for our patrons. Connecticut patrons can expect a bright mix of Stoli Razberi, sauvignon blanc and lemonade topped with fresh red raspberries. For those who love their zinfandel, try our Strawberry Sangria with fresh raspberries and an orange slice fused with the flavors of Skyy strawberry vodka, white zinfandel and orange juice. A drink at Sliders is sure to satisfy.

Sangria Began With the Roman Conquest

This fruity and full-bodied alcoholic beverage has a name that translated as “blood.” The refreshing summer cocktail has its beginnings in the wake of Roman bloodshed on the Iberian Peninsula. Roman conquerors traveled across the land in Spain, and, in addition to spilling blood in battle, they planted the vineyards that would be used to create this longtime favorite. Citizens in the area created fruit punches using local vines fortified with a brandy punch. Red is the most common base for sangria since the Roman discovery that red grape varietals were the best base for their preferred wine. Introduced at the 1964 World’s Fair, sangria arrived in New York City rather recently. Sangria has held its own for thousands of years, but it still invites new versions of the fruity beverage to delight the discerning taste buds of the modern customer.

Enjoy the Best Spanish Traditions at This Connecticut Bar and Restaurant

Loyal customers know that their favorite brews are always on tap as well as surprising new additions that have become fast favorites. Sliders Grill & Bar is your Connecticut bar and restaurant destination for great food, friendly service and a top-notch selection of sangrias and craft brews found nowhere else. There must be a reason why Sliders was recognized as the “Best of Hartford Magazine” winner for three years running and one of the “Top 5 Sports Bars in the USA” from ESPN magazine. See what the talk is about, and find your new local CT hangout today. Get a great view of the game and attentive, friendly service as you uncover what makes Sliders’ customers return again and again.


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